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Hello Family and Friends, 


Stephanie & I are blessed that all of you are part of our lives. We appreciate the support you have given us throughout this past year and a half. Whether you  have made a direct purchase from us, shared our information on social media, or through word of mouth.


Unfortunately this pandemic has affected all of us in different ways. Our new business was affected financially as many others. As we place our faith over fear & stay optimistic, we need your help. We want to open a new account with CordaRoys, a family owned business that specializes in awesome bean bag beds. Yes, mattresses inside these bean bags convert into youth, full, queen & king size beds! It closed a deal with Lori Greiner of Shark Tank & offers a lifetime warranty.  We need to spend a minimum of $2300 on at least 15-20 bean bags. While their online prices range from $200 to over $500, your purchase at my wholesale cost will range from $100 to $245. 


Stephanie & I will only profit from this by having our business added to their website. Giving customers the option to purchase these kinds of bean bags from our store as well. Your help will be greatly appreciated & your purchases will be delivered to your door. Take advantage of this one time deal. There will be a deadline, so all orders are placed & delivered in a timely fashion. Please contact us for more information.


We look forward to hearing from you. Once again thank you all & God Bless.😇

Stephanie, Adrian, Ezekiel & Xiomara

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  • Removable/Washable Cover

  • Tranforms into a bed

  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen & King Sizes

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Lots of Fabric Options

  • Super Comfortable

  • Great for guests and sleepovers




Click the button below to get more in depth info like FAQ's, their story, and see pics of the products. There are a lot of great options. Even for pets. Once you've made your selection you can then re-visit my website and fill out the order form below, where I will ask the size, fabric, or if you want to add a waterproof protector etc. Or you can call, text, or visit us. You know where we work and live. 😃


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - family & friends

(Frequently Asked Questions)

When will I get my Cordaroy Bag?

Time will Vary due to Covid19

Because of COVID-19, Shipping times may vary. Also because I need a specific number of bean bags and depending on how quickly we all can order up to 15-20 bags at a time will determine how quickly we get them. I say we because I am also ordering some floor models to show my clients. Once I get the bags I will either personally deliver to your house at your earliest convenience or ship direct to you if you are out of state. 

There will also be a deadline for ordering. Due date is 9/30/2020 12 a.m. To give a rough estimate 2-4 weeks.

FAQ - family & friends

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What options are there?

There is a link above to go directly to Cordaroy's website. 

As you search through the inventory you will notice the regular prices size and fabric options to choose from. According to the price shown you will see the Value you will be getting by ordering through this one time deal. There will be a form to fill out on this page or you can call or text us. You could even send me screen shots of the exact bag you want and color option direct from the the Cordaroy website. 

FAQ - family & friends

(Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Order

Do not order on the Cordaroy website.

Please do not order from the Cordaroy's website. You will not get the price I am promising. So it will need to be done here by filling out the form below provided on this landing page . 

Before you order we highly recommend you consider the floor space you have.

  1. Identify the size you want. There are dimension's provided on all sizes on their website. 

  2. Explore all color & fabric options, then decide.

  3. Screenshot your screen with the selection (size, color, fabric) of your choice and let me know how many of each if you need more than one. 

  4. Payment: Since this is for family and friends. You can pay direct via Check, Venmo, PayPal, Quickpay, Zelle, Ach Payment, or cash. I will not be able to take card payment at this time unless you are willing to pay a small percentage (2.9%) for the card processing. Credit Card companies charge me a percentage for using their service.

If you are interested please fill out our form below.
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Thank you all!!