The Guide to Buying Bunk Beds for Kids

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

How to Select the Right Bunk Bed for Your Kids and Home

Getting a new bunk bed is one of the best parts about being a kid. The cool stairs going up and down, the whole sharing with another person, and being able to sleep “up in the air”…yep, it really doesn’t get any better.

For parents, however, shopping for bunk beds for kids is really about finding the best furniture value proposition for your home and family.

To help make your search a little less overwhelming, we’ve put together the top things to consider when purchasing new bunk beds for your kids’ rooms.

Bunk Bed Materials

You probably remember how you treated furniture as a kid. Today’s kids are no different. Finding a bunk bed that can handle an active child’s lifestyle is important. One way to determine whether your new bed can take the heat, so to speak, is to examine the types of materials commonly used by kids’ furniture manufacturers.

These days, most bunk beds for kids are made from either metal, solid plastic, softwood, or hardwood. Speaking as parents, we recommend bunk beds made with hardwood as the best choice for kids of any age. Metal bends and squeaks and plastic beds sag. Hardwood is the strongest, most durable material and won’t need to be replaced after only a few years.

Bunk Bed Construction

When buying bunk beds for your children you shouldn’t have to worry whether or not your kids’ beds are durable. That’s why we suggest taking a close look at the construction quality of bunk beds and ask a few basic questions.

Are there reinforced joints between components that provide maximum stability, or are the components simply screwed together? Are

the optional components also sturdy, or are they low-quality add-ons? Is the mattress support structure integrated and reinforced, or just a few slats that require the additional expense of a box spring? Know what you’re getting before spending your hard-earned money.

Bunk Bed Safety

When it comes to buying bunk beds for kids, parents naturally prioritize safety. The best contemporary furniture design is the result of years of research and development driven by consumer feedback so you should typically expect to find safety features such as higher, double-rail guard-rails and non-toxic finishes.

Some bunk beds now feature a solid staircase that adds stability while providing safe access to the top bed. The best staircase design also integrates storage within the steps.

Bunk Bed Features

Other than being a fun piece of furniture for kids, bunk beds are also great space-savers. They use more vertical area instead of spreading out into the room so you have more floor area for other furniture or just for play. The best contemporary bunk bed designs do not require box-springs. This creates space beneath the bottom bed for integrated storage options such as drawer storage or roll-out trundles. These sturdy trundles are terrific space-savers designed for maximum storage of seasonal bedding and clothes while perfect for overnight guests when you drop in a standard twin-sized mattress.

As mentioned, drawers built into the staircase are a smart innovation. Our 5-drawer staircase easily converts into a five-drawer storage unit that fits underneath a single bed if you split the bunk into separate beds.

If space isn’t an issue, there are bunk-beds with larger bottom beds or beds that sit perpendicular to the top bed. These loft styles include a bottom bed mounted on locking wheels. This feature makes changing the layout of your kids’ room quick and painless.

Lofts also include a large roll-out drawer at the bottom of the staircase. This clever innovation presents near-limitless options for the imaginative child.


A solid warranty implies confidence in the product and offers peace of mind for the parent. While hardwood furniture with reinforced joints and sub-structure rarely fails, Rooms4Kids 5 year warranty backed with our exclusive Customer Satisfaction Program rounds out our unmatched value proposition. In addition, wear and tear items are replaced at no charge. Even the most well-intentioned children can break a knob off a drawer, break a drawer-glide or crack a mattress support slat if they try hard enough.

Not sure which bunk bed is right for you?

Rooms4Kids has an expansive showroom filled with bedroom settings in a wide variety of styles and finish colors. Bring the whole family and let the kids explore while you browse.  All of the furniture in our showroom is in stock and ready to be scheduled for delivery. Stop by our Crown Point Showroom to experience our entire collection of bedroom furnishings.

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