Our Cameo Adult  Bed Conversion Kit provides a full bed conversion with subtle, flare. From the complex curves found in the lines, unique, French feet, the rich moldings and half inch bevels make Cameo is exquisite! Romantic. Historic. We sandblast heavily to offer a buttery, well-worn look and feel like no other nursery furniture on the market. Transitional. Gender neutral. We offer designs that delight children and adults alike. Milk Street’s cribs make incredible, adult beds; sheer luxury and optimal function. 

Milk Street Cameo - Adult Bed Conversion Kit

Finish Option
    1. Transforms the Relic crib into a Full Sized Adult Bed
    2. Solid Wood Construction
    3. 20-Step Finish process
    4. Learn more about our Unparalleled Craftsmanship & Quality